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     The People's Building was Charleston's first "skyscraper," erected in 1910-11 at a cost of $300,000.  It was designed by a Swedish architect, Victor Frohling of Thompson & Frohling, of New York, and built by the Hadden Construction Co.  The pile driving for the structure so weakened a nearby ancient residence that the People's Building and Investment Company had to buy it.  

     The project was organized by R. Goodwyn Rhett, mayor of Charleston and president of the People's National Bank.  By many it was seen as a sign of "progress", while others were afraid it would ruin Charleston's skyline.  President Howard Taft, who viewed the city from the top of the building, said,  "I don't believe that it did ruin the skyline, but if it did the view from up here makes it worth it."  When the building opened in April 1911, people came just to ride the steel frame elevators.  
     The first two floors of the building are faced with Winnsboro granite, while the upper floors are faced with buff-colored brick and terra cotta.  The eight story building is constructed of concrete and steel and rated as fireproof.  Originally it had, in addition to the banking space, 9 rooms on a mezzanine and 13 rooms on each of the upper floors, and the building was steam heated.  

     The People's Bank closed in 1936 and the building was purchased by the Southeastern Securities Co., Charles L. Mullaly, president.  Mullaly installed the two white marble leopards at the main entrance.  Carved from Italian marble by an unknown 18th century artist, the leopards were brought to Charleston from an estate near Boston, Mass. (Stockton, DYKYC, Nov. 13, 1972. Green, unpub. notes,HCF)

Peoples Building Entrance Lobby

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