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Barefoot Resort Yacht Club Villas

The following documents are available for your review with the understanding that these are preliminary documents and are subject to change.

For your review. . .
Housewares Package
Electronics Package
Furniture List
Furniture Package

Other Documents
  Recorded Master Deed
  Master Deed Exhibits part I
  Master Deed Exhibits Part II
  Master Deed Exhibit Part III
By-Laws - Condominium association
Joint Committee By-Laws   

This is not intended to be an offer to sell nor a solicitation of offers to buy real estate in South Carolina by residents of Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Oregon, or in any other jurisdiction where prohibited by law.
Seller does not own the property shown on the site plan. In the event seller does not acquire the development property, the owner of said property shall not in any way be bound to develop the property as shown on the site plan or any other plans, maps, brochures and the like depicting the development or the club or to build or convey the units on the development property.

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